A number of conservative treatment methods are readily available, such as anticholinergic medications, antidepressants, psychotherapy, acupuncture, and facial creams and ointments

For some people, simple daily situations like being introduced to someone, running into a friend or acquaintance unexpectedly, hearing one’s name called, participating in meetings, or giving an oral presentation provoke a strong heat sensation in the face, followed by an intense, highly visible red coloration.  This condition is known
as Facial Blush.

Facial blush is an involuntary physiological condition caused by the dilatation of the cutaneous vessels in the face in response to stimuli from the limbic system, which is the part of the brain responsible for controlling and processing our emotions. These stimuli are conducted from the limbic system to the face by the autonomic nervous system and trigger a cutaneous vasodilatation, which, in turn, activates the heat sensation and subsequent blush.

In some case, the ears, neck, and upper part of the thorax are also affected. At the present time, medical science cannot yet explain why the limbic system reacts this way in some people and not in others.

People who suffer from facial blush often have a difficult time maintaining satisfying personal and professional lives. Generally, they try to avoid any situation that might cause the blush to flare up and, consequently, they may wind up developing a certain degree of social phobia. In really severe cases, patients actively seek to hide from society altogether, avoiding being the center of any kind of attention in all situations, having few or no friends and little or no quality of life.

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